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Summer 2012 JTRF
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A Message from the Editor
Kofi Obeng and Michael W. Babcock


  • Comparison of Alternative Methods for Estimating Household Trip Rates of Cross-Classification Cells with Inadequate Data
    by Judith L. Mwakalonge and Daniel A. Badoe
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 896K)
  • Feasibility of an Intermodal Terminal in Rural Texas to Enhance Marketing and Transportation Efficiency
    by Stephen Fuller, John Robinson, Francisco Fraire, and Sharada Vadali
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 544K)
  • Border Zone Mass Transit Demad in Brownsville and Laredo
    by Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr., and Adam G. Walke
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 757K)
  • High Occupancy Toll Lane Performance Under Alternative Pricing Policies
    by Thomas Light
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 1427K)
  • Microsimulating Automobile Markets: Evolution of Vehicle Holdings and Vehicle Pricing Dynamics
    by Brent Selby and Kara M. Kockelman
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 542K)
  • A Comprehensive Rail Rate Index for Grain
    by Adam Sparger and Marvin Prater
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 829K)
  • Evaluating the Efficacy of Shared-use Vehicles for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A U.S. Case Study of Grocery Delivery
    by Erica Wygonik and Anne Goodchild
    View Abstract | Full Article (PDF, 1161K)

Book Reviews:

  • The Parking Garage: Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form
    by Mazhar Ali Awan
    Full Article (PDF, 361K)

On the cover: Transportation economists, engineers, and planners historically have focused on the various modes of transportation and the associated infrastructure. Few researchers have paid attention to the start or end of the trips - the parking garage. This research gap is filled by Mazhar Ali Awan’s review of Shannon Sanders McDonald’s book, "The Parking Garage: Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form."

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